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Talk Art – Robert Diament & Russell Tovey

Robert & Russell meet leading artist Gavin Turk. They discuss tailored suits, artist persona, veganism and a lifetime interest in the surreal form of an egg. We explore Turk’s iconic early works including four antiqued mirror cubes in ‘Robert Morris Untitled 1965-72’ (1990) and the iconic ‘Cave’ (1991) an ‘historical blue plaque’ to commemorate work done by the artist during his time at the Royal College of Art, as well as a ‘Tea Stain’ (2004) edition that Russell gifted to Robert on his 30th birthday. This episode is released on the same day as Turk unveils a giant new bronze sculpture ‘Oeuvre (Verdigris)’ at Somerset House on the River Walk. In association with Photo London, the artist is simultaneously inviting the global art community to upload and contribute their own ‘Portrait of An Egg’ to be exhibited at the fair. With spooky synchronicity this years social media phenomena has been ‘The World Record Egg’ so this ambitious art collaboration is opening up ideas around social media, memes and the global obsession with recording the world photographically through our phones. You can submit your egg images until early May at Happy Happy Easter holidays everyone, egg-citing times!

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Robert, Gavin & Russell

Gavin Turk takes his eggs giant and bronze at Somerset House ovular unveiling

Gavin Turk in front of Oeuvre (Verdigris) (2019) Courtesy of Louisa Buck

Easter came early to Somerset House as Gavin Turk unveiled a giant bronze egg on the building’s River Terrace yesterday morning. Oeuvre (Verdrigris)(2018) was wrapped up—Christo style—in white canvas and bound with rope and as Turk slipped the first knot and proceeded to unravel its lengths, he confided that his egg obsession stretched back to 1992. This was the year that Turk, having left college and begun thinking “about how art functioned and what art was for,” took the egg as his personal logo. Since then, this maestro of art-historical appropriation has proceeded to use the egg in multiple incarnations, from Magrittean photo portraits of an egg-headed artist to pierced Fontana-style ovoids and Piero Manzoni-esque boxes of multiple eggshells. “It’s the biggest floating signifier you could find: it’s narrative, figurative and abstract all simultaneously—and highly unoriginal as well—which is complicated but something I can handle,” he says.

Full article can be viewed and read on The Arts Newspaper, The Buck Stopped here.

Gavin Turk Unveils The world’s Largest Giant Egg Collaboration

Gavin TurkOeuvre (Verdigris), 2018 (patinated bronze) – Gavin Turk

Just in time for Easter, the sensational/YBA artist Gavin Turk has unveiled an ambitious new project in collaboration with Photo London, Somerset House, and Ben Brown Fine Arts, featuring his giant bronze egg sculpture, ‘Oeuvre’, to be unveiled on the River Terrace at Somerset House on 14th April.

I want to take this moment a step further and invite the worlds photographers to take part in a mass creative act – GT

The bronze egg is intended as a starting point, and inspiration for photographers around the world to collaborate with Gavin on an ambitious public installation for Photo London, titled ‘Gavin Turk – Portrait of an Egg’. The intention is to create a vibrant and entirely democratic public participation artwork; entry is free and open to photographers of any age, professional or amateur; all that is required to take part is a digital photographic device with which to record their own Portrait of an Egg.

Gavin Turk Egg Portrait

Submissions to Gavin Turk – Portrait of an Egg can be made from 14th March via the project website: All egg portraits received will be gathered to create the final collaborative work of art – a moving montage, with soundscape – to be installed at Somerset House during Photo London from 16th – 19th May. The aim is to create the world’s most significant public ‘egg collaboration’.

Full article can be viewed and read on Artlyst here.

Gavin Turk: Back to the Egg

Article & interview between Gavin & Mark Beech
Gavin Turk, “Blue Grid,” 2018, recast as bronze.

Gavin Turk is constantly changing his art. We have had huge nails; waxwork figures of himself as Sid Vicious; silkscreens of the artist dressed as Elvis Presley; painted bronzes of tiny rotting apples and plastic garbage bags; images of Ford Transits in the “White Van Man” series, and the “Cycle Line” series created by bicycle tires covered in black paint. Now he has gone back to the egg, quite literally, for a solo show and subsequent art competition.

Turk’s “En OEuf” exhibition at Maruani Mercier, Brussels, earlier this winter, built on his reputation as one of the most imaginative of the one-time YBAs, Young British Artists. Now he plans a global picture contest based on eggs.

The egg, recalling the birth of life and so much else, joins other potent artistic symbols such as candles and skulls: Think of Gerhard Richter’s works, or those of Turk’s fellow onetime “Young British Artist,” Damien Hirst.

Turk, born in 1967, spoke in a video interview at his East London studio about the latest show and his varied canon of works. He currently sports a large moustache and artist beret along with a painter’s blue overall.

Read the full interview here.

Gavin Turk Launches Giant Egg Collaboration with Photo London

Article by Lee Sharrock for Fad Magazine

Lee Sharrock visited us at the studio and interviewed Gavin, you can read the full article here and read a snippet from the piece below.

Gavin Turk Launches Giant Egg Collaboration with Photo London

‘Portrait of an Egg’ is a unique project conceived by Gavin Turk, which will involve his gigantic bronze egg sculpture ‘Oeuvre’ being unveiled on the Somerset House River Terrace at Photo London on 18th April. Turk is collaborating with Photo London and Ben Brown Fine Arts on ‘Portrait of an Egg’, and has announced a call for entries to artists and photographers the world over, to submit their own egg portraits to the website from 14th March. Read the full article by Lee Sharrock here.